Our mission is to create lasting architecture that will have a positive impact in people’s lives. Collaborating with clients to establish and refine a structure’s program and form is always closely married with the specific site conditions and opportunities. Whether the project is a commercial facility or a personal residence, our work is carried out with the intention to inspire. As a Design Build firm we work hand in hand with artisans and craftsmen to achieve elegant design solutions that will stand the test of time. Our buildings are built to the highest standards and incorporate proven building techniques as well as a thoughtful approach to sustainability.


Brett Fogelstrom, Owner of Fogelstrom Design Build Company
Hillsboro, Oregon

Brett grew up in the countryside just outside of Eugene, Oregon with parents who developed significant residential and commercial projects in and around the state. “My parents gave me the sense that anything was possible, you just had to create it and follow through with it. Creating structures with the highest level of quality was at the core of every project.”


After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Oregon in 1987, Brett traveled extensively through Europe. He returned from that experience with a love for buildings and a clear direction as to what kind of career to pursue. In 1992 he received his Master of Architecture from the U of O.


Over the next four years Brett worked in Sydney Australia for Peddle Thorp and Walker Architects, in addition to various Portland-area firms. He also traveled throughout Asia and Central America continuing to develop his inspiration for building design.


In 1997, Brett founded Fogelstrom Design Build Company allowing him the ability to create enduring architecture while ensuring the quality of the built form. Projects include historically certified renovations, small and large residential homes as well as commercial retail buildings and wineries.


Brett lives just outside of Portland, Oregon with his wife and two children.

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