Ponzi Vineyards Tasting Room Featured in 1859 Magazine

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Tasting Notes

Printed in October 2014 Edition


A wave of architecturally innovative tasting rooms create a whole new tasting experience in wine countryAfter forty years of decanting wine in the old family residence, the Ponzis decided to upgrade. In 2008, they completed an advanced, gravity-flow production facility, designed by founding vintner Dick Ponzi, on a portion of 42 acres in the Chehalem Mountains. By 2011, it was time to reunite the production with the pour. Maria Ponzi, second-generation president of Ponzi Vineyards, teamed up with husband, architect Brett Fogelstrom, to create the family business’ newest incarnation.



Fogelstrom took this as an opportunity to “capture the family’s innovation.” To that end, he designed a modern shell that incorporates the steel, glass and concrete of the nearby state-of the-art production facility. Then Ponzi added clusters of seating to host tableside tastings. “I wanted to create a comfortable, relaxed place where people would be able to spend a little more time with us,” Ponzi said. To make it inviting year-round, the couple included a covered terrace, complete with fire pit, and bocce courts nestled closer to the vines. “Everywhere you go in the space, you get a little different experience of the winery,” she said.


Visitors no longer go to the family home, but memorabilia in the foyer helps to tell the story. “I like that a typewriter and some notebooks show the humble beginnings of the Oregon wine industry,” said Ponzi. “It’s a great sense of pride for us as a family and as part of this community.